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ImageBadger Image Converter 4.952

save time & convert between image formats from Windows Explorer

ImageBadger Image Converter is a powerful and easy to use application that allows you to convert and enhance your images in a few minutes. The program is really simple and intuitive, with a colorful and nice user interface, which makes this task a breeze. The whole process is divided in three simple steps: first, you select the images you want to convert; then, you add the filters you want to apply; and lastly, you select the format you want to save the image(s) as. Some of the filters include: resize, rotate, flip, mirror, crop, add noise, add trim, average, blur, brightness, color resolution, among many others. The images can be saved in many formats such as JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, ICO, and so on, and you can also customize the options of each format like the bits per pixel, compression method, compression quality, among others. The program also has a built-in previewer that shows you the original image or with filters applied. It also features global, file, and shell context options which allows you to practically customize the whole program.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice and intuitive user interface. Great effects. Easy to use


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